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With over 25 years experience, we offer a wide variety of surface preparations.  Diamond / Concrete Grinding, Shot Blasting, Concrete Scarify, Air Scabbling, and a variety of flooring and coating removal.  Located in Central Arkansas, serving the Continental U.S. for qualified projects.

Diamond / Concrete Grinding​​ / Concrete Polishing: 

Three Phase and Single Phase Grinders for the removal of sealers, glues, epoxy coatings, thin set, and opening of pores in concrete.  Grinding of ceramic tile to allow for coatings to bond, without the process of removing the tiles.  Concrete Polishing to various sheens.  Certi-Shine certified.

Dust Collection Systems:

A variety of Vacuum / Dust Collecting Systems to minimize the amount of dust and debris.​​​​​ 

​Shot Blasting:

​To prepare surfaces for bonding of a variety of special coatings.  Walk behind and ride-on models, for any size project.

Floor Removal / Bronco:

Flooring and coating removal including carpet, vct, ceramic tile, wood, glue, carpet backing, and more.


Single Phase and Three Phase Generators to be brought on location for the purpose of operating various equipment in certain situations​​​​​​​.

Concrete Scarifying:

Concrete planing of high spots, preparation for overlays, leveling of concrete slabs, sloping of slabs for proper drainage.  As well as certain coating removal.

Air Scabblers:

To remove coatings and high areas on concrete slabs.​​​​​​​


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